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Will I be able to use my current saved Design Online projects?

We can retrieve these designs if you would like to use them. Call 1-800-251-9948 to have these jobs retrieved so you can print your job.

Can you still typeset and set up my job? Will it be the same price?

We offer a “Design Online Center” to custom design your cards. We encourage you to use our “Design Online Center” which is a service provided to you at no cost. We have many pre-designed templates to get your started on your custom cards. If you have a current design we will help you convert it to the new system.

Will I still be able to use my Card Creator project to reorder?

We have created a new tool called “Design Online Center” this tool has more options and flexibility for you with a wide range of pre-designed templates for your use. You can also upload your own photos to make a custom design. If you have a current design we will help you convert it to the new system.

Can I still reorder from the PCP orders?

Yes, we will keep a record of your past orders with PCP and you can certainly call us anytime to place an exact reorder.

Can I log in to the Next Day Flyers website with my Postcard Press username and password?

Yes, we will keep a record of your past orders with Postcard Press and you can certainly call us at 800-251-9948 to place an exact reorder.

Will my order history be transferred to my Next Day Flyers account?

No, You can login to Postcard Press to view any account history. We can help you over the phone or you can visit if you’d like.

Why did you change your name/merge?

We’ve listened to your feedback and want to provide you with high quality products at very competitive rates and faster turnaround time. So we’ve made improvements in technology and efficiency and now are ready to introduce you to Next Day Flyers.

Will the same people still work there?

Yes. You will still be able to work with your account representative and contact the people you have worked with in the past.

How long has NDF been around? How come you didn’t tell me before?

Over the last year or so, we have been working on improving our efficiency to provide you with quick turnaround times with a very competitive price while still printing a high quality product. We feel that we are now ready to meet your printed marketing needs.

Will the quality of the product be the same?

Yes. Quality is very important to us. We’ve been working on ways to maintain a high level of quality but reducing your costs and improving our turnaround time so we can provide you with a superior product for your marketing needs.

What is the difference between PCP and NDF?

With NDF you will be able to print your marketing materials at a much lower cost while still maintaining the high level of quality you’re used to. You will also see a larger selection of products for your marketing needs and faster turnaround time. Next Day Flyers also offers both cardstock and 100lb paper stocks as well as UV, glossy, matte coatings depending on product selected.