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How do I view the images I’ve uploaded to the Online Design Center?

In the left hand menu select the “Pictures & Design Items” option. Then click on “Uploaded Photos” in the toggle menu to view your image uploads.

How do I preview the designs I’ve created in the Online Design Center?

If you right click on the file, it will reveal a drop down menu. Click the “Preview” option to generate a proof.

How much text information can be placed in a text box?

It’s best if you can keep your text to fewer than 5 lines per text box, this will help make managing your text and positioning your text boxes easier.

How to Upload a photo to the Online Design Center

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How much does it cost to design my cards?

If you are using our Design Online tool, it’s free to design your card. We also have an assortment of ready-made templates to help you get started.